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5 Tips to get back into study

Welcome back, ready to get back into it? No? We spoke to our Marketing Director for some tips they use to get back into the groove of study after a break. Got some of your town tips? share them with us below

  1. Get into a study mindset I find prepping a unit folder on my computer helps me get back into thinking about study. I organise by Unit Information, Reading content (if any), Assessments and Modules. Read the unit information, and put all assignment deadlines into your calendar as well as exam dates. This mentally prepares you for everything to come.

  2. Plan your study days I really like to break my time into snackable chunks so I don’t get overwhelmed. I start this process by breaking up my weekdays into what day i will do what unit and how much time i will dedicate each night, generally 2-3 hours a night for about 4 weeknights (depending how many units I’m taking on) and a half day on the weekend. Sticking to it is the challenge, but after a couple of weeks the routine takes hold.

  3. Plan a rest day As a full time worker and parent plus student - my brain needs a break. I plan my rest day as one full day on the weekend with no work, study or housework. It’s hard to fit in - but your body will thank you for it.

  4. Drop a unit if you are feeling overwhelmed Take note of withdrawal penalty dates. If you are starting to feel the pressure early, pull the plug on a unit. It is not worth burning out. The units you keep will have better grade outcomes and you will have more headspace to do them well.

  5. Reach out if you’re struggling ECU have many options for student support. Don’t hesitate to access these resources should you find yourself in a tough personal situation, or if you are simply falling behind. Your lecturer is also a great place to start if you are finding the content challenging to stay on top of. At ECU student resources can be found in Student Portal Student hub - Student Hub Psychological counseling - Overview Careers counseling Overview Student success team - Overview

Bonus tip - to get the most out of student life get involved in a club and follow Student Guild for social and academic events. ECU Women In Business are still recruiting, send us your resume now with the role you are interested in. Now seeking:

  • Marketing Director

  • Treasurer

  • Events Director

  • Events Coordinator

  • Industrial Relations Director

Email us to apply at Applicants must be a current ECU Student with at least 1 year of study left.

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