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Introducing Rashmi Watel a guest speaker at the Women In Business Event Break The Glass.

We are so excited to introduce and welcome Rashmi Watel an inspiring Speaking Coach, Business Owner and Mental Health Advocate who has had an incredible journey and is ready to help you break barriers to inclusion and improve your speaking confidence.

Migrating from India, Rashmi has set up home and business in Perth, Western Australia facing many initial barriers and challenges. Despite being qualified as an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer and having an MBA, she found it difficult to achieve a sense of acceptance in a new cultural environment that is not user friendly to non-native English-speaking people.

Rashmi now uses this personal experience as the motivation to help empower individuals from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds to achieve self-belief and confidence at work and in the community. Her presentation inspires and motivates attendees to strive for and achieve a sense of well being in their newly adopted circumstances by embracing their own culture.

She also helps non-native English speakers to hone the English language and to have confidence to communicate in public such that they can participate in the normal day to day economic life in Australia.

Her notable achievements include being a TEDx Speaker and setting up a Company to support non-native English Speakers. As a strong advocate on the importance of mental health, she creates awareness about mental health issues through her company’s social initiative.

To learn more about Rashmi and her story visit or join us and 4 other guest speakers breaking barriers at Break the Glass, October 20th at Fraser Suites.

Event details and tickets to Break the Glass are on sale now here via Eventbrite

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